About Viv Poppelwell and VPR Ltd

Viv Poppelwell Recruitment Limited (VPR Ltd) was established in 2003. Prior to this Viv Poppelwell had nine and a half years recruitment experience, gained mainly in the Print, Packaging and Publishing Industries.


Viv’s background includes eighteen years of print advertising experience working with advertising agencies, corporate and owner operated businesses. As the majority of these years were in management positions, communication, motivation and the recruitment of personnel was a feature of most of these roles.To connect with the client base was essential, as was to understand the client’s needs, take a detailed brief and offer market lead solutions.

It is this experience, her sales and communication skills that have formed the basis of Viv’s ability to establish herself in the recruitment industry. She has a passion for this type of work as she enjoys meeting and dealing with a wide variety of people, their personalities and backgrounds. VPR Ltd deals with all positions from upper management through to the shop floor; and all positions be they sales, financial, process or production related.

One of the benefits is Viv deals with both the client and the applicant so that the match between the applicant and the client is kept tight. She said, “I am lucky to be in such an exciting industry as I get to meet some of New Zealand’s top talent”.

The service offered to you is based on eighteen plus years of consecutive recruitment experience, with the additional benefit of dealing with the same person throughout the entire process.