Job Seeker Information

Welcome to VPR Ltd. This section of our website is designed to help you with what can be a daunting task… finding a new and suitable role. The initial impression you make is the catalyst to start the recruitment process and the following pointers should help to advance your application to interview stage.

Job Applications

Applications; ensure you apply for a role with an appropriate cover letter and amplify your strengths and experience for the role in this. Please ensure you have run a spelling and grammar check before sending.

The style and content of the letter should reflect the role you have applied for and the tone should represent you.

Tip: This is a business communication therefore treat it formally i.e. not text language or ‘hi there’ etc.


There are many different options on style and content of a C.V. however there are some very standard things that should be included. These are:

  • Your contact details, education/qualifications, work history and verbal referees form the basis of this document.
  • The layout and style should reflect you as a person.
  • Although your C.V. is used to ‘sell’ yourself, the information in it should be factual and able to be checked or supported with relevant documents.
  • Should you claim achievements in your jobs please make sure they are correct and/or measurable, as we will discuss these with your past employer during reference checks.



The C.V. forms the basis of the interview process therefore you should be giving a well rounded description of your duties within your roles. From this information I should have an understanding of your experience in terms of people interaction, responsibilities, computer skills, types of presses/equipment run and financial/ accounting aspects gained from your roles.

Support your application with Certificates and References as a separate file and in the case of Graphic Designers/ Mac Operators, your portfolio should be separate and meaningful.

Interview Preparation

Always dress smartly for an interview. This includes clean and tidy dress, and well-groomed hair and nails. Females should have business makeup and avoid plunging necklines or midriff tops.

Preparing for an interview should also involve researching the company. You should be aware of the location and where to park when you arrive. It is ideal to be 5 to 10 minutes early for your interview, noting it is just as rude to be very early as it is to be late.

You should bring with you any documents needed to support your application and/ or proof of your right to work in New Zealand i.e. Passports or Visas. Please note in some cases clients require New Zealand born citizens to show their Passport.


You will be asked a variety of questions based on your experience, attitudes and aspirations. Know your strengths and have examples to hand to demonstrate how these have been applied in the workforce.

If there are weaknesses that you can address by upskilling, outline a plan you have to help yourself in this area. At interview, be prepared to fill out forms and do standard testing.

Remember the interview is a two way process. Listen well and ask questions to ensure you have gathered the information you need as well to ensure the role fits your requirements.